Cold Temperatures Are Rough On Emergency Services

The deep freeze is having an impact on emergency services.

The freezing temperatures, mixed with the water from hoses and flames from a building can make a hazardous work environment for Windsor firefighters.

District Fire Chief Don Easby says there can be all sorts of issues from slipping, to frostbite and even frozen hoses.

"Because of the frigid temperature frostbite (is an issue) with our hands and our face,” he says. “The guys, because they're all wet from working inside in the heat, they come outside in the cold temperature."

Easby says it can be hard to navigate.

"It’s challenging for the firefighters, with all the water on the roads and the icy conditions, we have to be very careful of each other. Slip and falls do happen a lot with this type of weather."

The hoses have to be left open to flow so that the water doesn't freeze as well.

"To put the hoses back away on the trucks the connections are all frozen so we have to bring them back to the hall to thaw them out before we can put them back," explains Easby.

Easby says overall it's challenging, but the best way they handle it is to just keep an eye out for each other.