Cold Weather Car Care Urged

There's plenty of advice about caring for people and pets during the bitter cold, but what about your vehicle?

The Service Manager at Provincial Chrysler in Windsor says there are a number of things we can do to keep them running properly.

Mark Lamthier told AM800's 'The Lynn Martin Show', if you don't have a heated garage, a block heater is the next best thing.

"You're going to want to plug that in. Also maintain your battery with a charger if possible," says Lamthier. "And when you're actually going to drive your vehicle, you're going to want to warm up the engine."

He says that allows the fluids to start flowing and the interior of the vehicle to warm up. He also recommends clearing the snow off your entire vehicle, not just the windshield. 

Lamthier also points out that the tires and gas tank should not be overlooked.

"You're going to want to check your tire pressure and tread depth. Winter tires are always recommended," he says. "Also, have your fuel tank full when possible. It'll prevent condensation from forming in your fuel line and they won't freeze."

The lingering Polar Vortex has resulted in several new cold weather records for Windsor-Essex.

The old record low for January 31 was minus 20.6 set in 1971 but a new record was set in the early morning hours Thursday as the temperature dropped to -24.7C.

The mercury also hit a record-low -21.8C on January 30, breaking the old record of -20.6C set in 1951.