College In Final Stages Of Adding Two Full Degree Programs

Looks like University of Windsor might not be the only option for a degree the future in the region.

St. Clair College is in the final stages of introducing full-time degree programs. President Patti France says the college has been developing eight curriculums since 2013.

France says two are pending approval from the province and could begin soon.

"Four years honours in business administration and information communication technology," says France. "Another one that's four years will focus on legal studies."

France says the college isn't trying to recreate a university degree.

"Our degrees will be very unique and they will be applied. What we also wanted to do is make sure they provided pathways for our current students that are studying in our three year advanced diploma programs," says France.

The cost is expected to be similar to any university degree. France says the new programs wil be at the college's main campus and could begin as early as fall 2018.