Committee To Review Pay Scale For Windsor City Councillors

What do you think Windsor city councillors should be paid?

That's the question before a committee that's looking at the issue for the first time since 2003.

The Council Compensation Review is gathering input to determine what a fair level of pay would be.

Right now they're paid approximately $40,000 for council and committee work. 

City of Windsor Chief Administrative Officer, Onorio Colucci says it has been a long time since it's changed.

"There was not any compensation review done since 2003 and the last increase in compensation pay for elected officials was in 2005 when there was a 1.9% increase," he says. "There's been no change since then."

A survey is available online and at library branches, city recreation and community centres as public input is gathered by the committee.

"Input into what a fair compensation might be for council, what sort of workload that councillors and the mayor deal with and those sorts of things," says Colucci. "It's really input for the compensation review committee."

Colucci says there will also be town hall sessions in August. 

"An opportunity to speak at a public open house, there's actually going to be two of them as I understand. The committee is looking to have one during the day and one in the evening to make sure that they get people to participate that may be on shift work and that sort of thing," he says.

A report is expected to go before council in September.