Community Care Support Network Expanding

A community care group will be ramping up its network in Essex County in November.

Liz Daniel is with the Windsor-Essex Compassionate Care Community.

The group creates support networks for seniors or vulnerable residents who live alone.

Something as simple as a ride to the doctors office can be facilitated by a community page online.

Daniel says they've been working on the project for three years now, but the study will continue for at least three more.

She says they found much of what's needed for those without a support system falls outside of public services.

"People need to sort of create support for themselves. About 90% of their needs, with the formal healthcare system really you should only be relying on for about 10 % of your needs. The rest, you have to create for yourself."

Daniel says projects have already been successful in many parts of Windsor-Essex.

"Neighbourhoods like United Way Neighbourhoods are knocking on doors say in Ford City in Windsor. They're knocking on peoples doors, the people that are well, they're asking them to sign up to the online group for Ford City."

A network is already available in Amherstburg, Essex and LaSalle, but Daniel says November will be when they officially launch in all three municipalities.

"Different faith organizations, and community groups and different businesses to be supported with this so that we get as many citizens in Essex County involved in helping others or identifying people that need help so that can all be connected and we can all help one another."

Daniel says of the 100 people coached by the program, 95% say the network has been life changing.

She says the group is always looking for volunteers.

Anyone interested can visit


- with files from Ricardo Veneza