Community Kicks in More Than $1,200 for Ten Friends Diner

Staff at Ten Friends Diner are paying it forward after the community stepped up in their time of need.

Two people walked in to the restaurant at Wyandotte St. E. and Moy Ave. and ordered food on March 3, but before the food came out, they grabbed the tip jar on the cashier counter and took off.

Close to $90 was stolen and an outraged community stepped up for the diner, which provides work opportunities and support for people who are surviving mental illness.

Peer Support Leader Steven Cromie tells AM800 News more than $1,200 has been donated so far and after repaying workers, they plan on paying it forward through community outreach.

He says a new cafe section will be added for those suffering through mental illness.

"It feels so good. I like to know that there's a community out there that cares about this charity and the community in general and our place in it," he says.

He tells AM800 News getting that money back and expanding the diner's reach means a lot to those who utilize the program.

"A lot of them need this job because they want to get out in the world," says Cromie. "These people want to work and the fact that the community as a whole got together and helped us out, and helped these people contribute in the real world."

Cromie says a new cafe section will be added for those suffering through mental illness.

"We want to have a safe place for people to go at night. A big problem in this city is there's nothing for people to do at night and if you have depression or some of these other things, you tend to isolate," he says. "If you have nowhere to go then you're just going to suffer."

Cromie says the new cafe atmosphere will launch in June.

He says anyone who wishes to donate to the diner's cause can stop by at any time.