Community Leader Honoured By St. Clair College

A community leader is being honoured by St. Clair College.

Ted Farron has received an honorary diploma for Culinary Management.

His Gourmet Butcher Shop in south Windsor is a fixture of the neighbourhoo, he has  been deeply involved in a number of community project and has taught at the college.

He says it's flattering to have been named to receive the honour and says one of his greatest accomplishments was helping bring the medical school to Windsor.

"I had the Premier of Ontario tell me 'you're not getting a medical school, quit wasting your time,' I looked at him and said to him obviously. sir, you don't know the situation in Essex County. You don't know that people are moving away from here because they can't find a family doctor.  I said that's why we need a medical school here, a week later he approved it." says Farron.

When it comes to his participation at the school, Farron says he enjoyed the interaction with the students in the culinary arts program.

"One of the things that the students loved is making sausage and holding up the links, these kids learn," he says.

Farron has also been on a number of boards and organizations in his more than 50 years in business.