Computer Programs Attracting Female Students At St. Clair College

St. Clair College is being nationally recognized.

The college has been named number one in the country for female students enrolled in certified computer programs.

"We were thrilled to hear from our partner Cisco Networking Academy that our Computer Networking programs were ranked number one in Canada for the number of female students enrolled in the programs," says Director of Marketing Ann Hetherington. "There are 50 female students enrolled, which represents 23% of the student population in the computer programs."

Hetherington says in 2017, the college was ranked number two in total enrolment for computer networking programs in Canada but that ranking may change this year. "We're hearing that we might eclipse that number one position for Canada this year because we've had a tremendous in take of students into these two programs and a good majority of them are international students."

She says the college is thrilled to see international students benefiting from these programs. "I think students are realizing that there are some highly marketable skills within these programs."

The national average for females enrolled in the programs is 13%.

Hetherington believes the program is attracting students because of the Cisco Network Academy certification.

The college has had the certification for 12-years.