Concern Raised Over Huron Church Rd. Construction Project

Concern is being raised over a major reconstruction of a section of Huron Church Rd. in Windsor.

When work begins this spring, both northbound and southbound lanes of Huron Church Rd., north of the EC Row Expressway, between Malden Rd. and Dorchester Rd. will be impacted.

The city of Windsor held an open house Thursday night to let members of the public learn more about the plan.

Some residents and nearby business owners have concerns with a major road re-construction project set to begin in Windsor this spring.


Huron Church Rd. re-construction map, February 28, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Ken Kahra owns property on Huron Church Rd. between Malden Rd. and Prince Rd., which includes the property that houses the Huron Church Animal Hospital.

He says the next few months are a busy time at the animal hospital and it's already congested with three lanes, each way.

"This whole construction coming into effect and being a single line, there's not going to be any accessibility to my business for the four months, and that's what they're saying it's going to be four months, but it could be longer than that," says Kahra. "There won't be any accessibility and it's going to affect the business significantly because the clients would not want to come in."

The $5.5-million construction  project is expected to begin in April.

Kahra says he wants to work with the city to ease the impact on his property.

"I have made a proposal to them in order to help mitigate," he says. "There is an alley on my property right where Malden Rd. and Huron Church connects that they should pave and maintain that so people can still have access point to our business and it will be a lot more convenient."

The province is providing $3-million for the cost of the construction.