Concerned and Worried Residents in Chatham-Kent

Residents living along the Thames River are keeping an eye out.

There is a chance of flooding in some areas which have residents concerned and worried.

Sarah Louwan lives off Jeannette's Creek Rd. in Chatham-Kent.

She says officials have yet to come to her house but her and her husband have been monitoring the situation.

"We were getting worried and we kind of considered not sleeping at home this night so we were talking about leaving but so far we kind of can see if it comes closer and we can go," says Louwan.  "So we're just both watching to see if it would come closer if not we're going to stay."    

Carrie Buchanan lives at the end of Poppe Rd.

She says her and her family bought the home and 1956 and they have experienced flooding a few times now.

"The thing is now with these freezing temperatures usually if the ice is out there, I mean we go through this every spring but not to this extent but if you see ice moving, it will crack and crunch," says Buchanan.  "There's no movement out there and there's no sound but when it does go, it will roar."


Carrie Buchanan sits inside her home along the Thames River, February 8, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

A State of Emergency was declared Friday morning in Chatham-Kent after the failure of a Thames River dike in the Tilbury area.

Crews continue to repair the dike in West Kent.

- with files from AM800's Peter Langille