Concerns Raised Over Leaked Health Care Document: NDP

The NDP is sounding the alarm over potential upcoming privatization of some health care services.

In a leaked document obtain by the party, it points out Premier Ford's scheme for health care is a done deal and "a finished plan that already has cabinet approval."

According to the New Democrats, some of the services set to be privatized include Ornge {air ambulance}, health care inspections, laboratories and licensing.

Windsor West MPP Lisa Gretzky says the document also looks at eliminating the Local Health Integration Networks, which are a public entity, and replacing them with MyCare Groups that are private entities and have the power to privatize some health care services.

She calls the document disturbing.

"This is dragging the province backwards when it comes to health care, this is really damaging to our public health care that we all rely on and it is not going to solve the problem that we are seeing in our health care system now," says Gretzky.

She also believes this opens the door for more privatization.

"What we see in it, is privatization of our health care system so where we should be fixing the publicly delivered health care system that we already have, it is a non-profit system, this government is making an unprecedented move toward privatized for-profit health care," says Gretzky.

According to the leaked document, there will be a new structure for health care that will include planning and oversight being transferred to a new Super Agency.

She's worried the MyCare Groups will siphon away money from front-line care.

"It is opening the door while they have started with some aspects, it is giving this MyCare Groups, the unprecedented power to be able to contract out, any or all health care systems to the for-profit sector," adds Gretzky.

Health Minister Christine Elliott has said her transformation of the health-care system isn't final yet, but will not include two-tier care, assurances she made after the NDP released a leaked draft version of the legislation last week.