Condition Change To Sex Offender Carl Leone's Day Parole

A condition change to the day parole granted to Windsor sex offender Carl Leone.

In a February 28 ruling, the Parole Board of Canada modified a computer and internet restriction to prohibit him from using the internet to initiate sexual or non-sexual friendships.

It means he can not access social networking sites like chat rooms, dating sites, snap chat and instagram.

In the decision obtained by AM800 News, it notes, Leone 'utilized chat rooms to meet some of the victims of your index offence.' It goes on to say, 'such a restriction is reasonable and necessary to ensure you [Leone] do not present an undue risk to re-offend against women sexually'.

The 42-year-old Leone was granted day parole in April 2017 for six months which has since been extended.

His day parole is based at a community-based residential facility, not in Windsor.

In April 2008, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to 15 counts of aggravated sexual assault.

Over a seven year period from 1997 to 2004, Leone had unprotected sex with 15 victims without telling them he was HIV positive. 

Five of his victim contracted HIV.