Conservative Leadership Candidate Maxime Bernier Visits Windsor (AUDIO)

A Federal Conservative Party leadership candidate has brought his message of lower taxes and less government to Windsor.

Maxime Bernier is one of 14 candidates vying for the job. 

He held a meet-and-greet at the Lumberjack Restaurant Monday morning

Bernier told the crowd he supports an end to corporate welfare, wants to privatize Canada Post and eliminate the CRTC in the telecom industry to create more competition.

 "I bring a platform for reform. For every entrepreneur in our country must pay lower taxes so from 15% to 10% but also I will abolish the Capital Gains Tax in Canada," says Bernier.

A supporter in the crowd also applauded Bernier for wanting to eliminate corporate welfare.  Part of the deal between Unifor and Ford reached in 2016 is a $600-million investment into Windsor's Engine Plant, likely with the help from senior levels of government. 

Bernier says the federal government needs to stay out of it.

"Like I said to Bombardier this year, I said no more grants to Bombardier, so my answer is no more and the true government must do what I want to do and lower taxes and cut Capital Gains Tax," he says.

He believes  eliminating the Capital Gains Tax would be an incentive for corporations to invest in Canada.

The leadership convention is scheduled for May 26-27 in Toronto.