Conservative Leadership Forum Comes To Windsor

A Conservative Party of Canada forum in Windsor today is looking to go over some of the key issues shaping the party's leadership campaign.

At least three leadership candidates are set to attend.

Moderator Al Teshuba says the forum will be an opportunity to get the candidate's views on issues specific to Windsor-Essex.

"The topic we are talking about are not on their website, primarily geared towards Windsor-Essex," says Teshuba. "These are unique questions. It took us hours and we are crafting it very specific to what is important to our region."

Teshuba says the event is a chance to pin down the candidates' views on issues affecting the region.

"These are topics that we need to know in advance how they stand," says Teshuba. "The auto industry, what is going to happen now with President Trump talking about how factories leaving the United States and trying to product back at 35 per cent tariff, is NAFTA going to be renegotiated? These issues in general do not mean that much outside of Windsor-Essex but they mean a lot to us."

The event goes from 2pm to 4pm at the Holiday Inn on Huron Church Rd. There is no fee to attend and audience members will be allowed to ask questions.