Construction Of New Gordie Howe Bridge Likely To Begin In Summer 2018

Some fighting words from the chair of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority in acquiring the necessary property in the U.S to build the new Gordie Howe International Bridge.

The authority held its annual public meeting Friday morning at MacKenzie Hall to update the public on the project.

The agency hopes to award the contract to the successful proponent by May-June of 2018 and then construction of the bridge will begin thereafter, likely in the summer of 2018.

All of the property on the Canadian side has been acquired while only 60% of the property in the U.S has been purchased.

Some of the outstanding property still needed in the U.S is owned by the owner of the Ambassador Bridge.

Chair Dwight Duncan says bring it on.

"They have been trying to stop this thing ever step of the damn way," said Duncan. "The Herb Gray Parkway, God they ran ads in Toronto during the 2007 election. They have used every legal means available to them, you can be assured that we are going to fight them every single step of the way and we will win."

He says the property needed will be acquired, one way or the other, either willingly or by the U.S equivalent of expropriation which is condemnation.

"We have confidence not only that we will win but that we will have the properties in the timeline we need them by."

"This thing isn't going to be stopped," promised Duncan.

Currently, the three proponents on the shortlist are working to submit their proposals to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the new bridge.

It is expected to take about four years to build the crossing once construction begins.