Controversial Parking System Eliminated

The Windsor Health Centre is getting rid of 'Pay and Display' parking that prevented 'paying it forward.'

The new owners of the property, at Howard Ave. and Tecumseh Rd., put in place a system that required all drivers to enter their licence plate number to get a ticket to use the parking lot.

But the move in early May was met with backlash. Users were upset because it prevented them from sharing their ticket, if there was extra time available that they didn't need.

The property owners are now moving back to the old system, citing feedback from the tenants and the people using the parking lots, with some seniors having difficulty adapting to the change.

Property Manager Nadia Hindi says they want to make the tenants and the people using the parking lot happy. "The comments we received from our tenants was go back to the system you had and do it as soon as possible."

The system now in place will charge $3 for two hours of parking, up to $7 maximum for the day.