Cops And Kids Fishing Derby A Hit For Fathers Day

The Windsor Police Association's Cops and Kids Fishing Derby drew more than 325 kids to Assumption Park on Father's Day.

The eighth annual event provided everything kids might need to catch some fish for Father's day. The event was free for parents bringing their kids for the derby.

Constable Sean Patterson says community sponsors stepped up to make the event even better this year.

He told AM800 News, the derby is a great way for the association to help put a smile on the faces of those they serve and protect. 

"It peaks an interest in them that they're never going to forget," says Patterson. "That memory that father and son, or father and daughter, will always remember about being at that fishing derby. That's the main thing, what we're trying to do is make memories and just enjoy and be a family and have fun."

Patterson says, with kids seeing police involved in so many serious situations, it can seem a little intimidating — so the derby is a way to let children know they can approach officers anytime for any reason.

"We're here to assist them in any way that we can and this derby here is the perfect thing because we can do two things at once. Enjoy the wonderful world of fishing with your parents, especially your father on Father's Day creating memories, at the same time mingling with police officers and seeing what we're all about," says Paterson.

Patterson says the weather held up as well as fishers were able to avoid the rain.