Cost Of Gordie Howe Bridge May Hit $10-billion

Fresh off assurances the federal government remains committed to the Gordie Howe International Bridge project, comes word the cost may have risen dramatically.

Senior officials have been coy about the anticipated price, but it could go from the $5-billion range to as much as $7 to $10 billion.

Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi and Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority CEO Andre Juneau explain it's a competitive process with the three proponents.

WDBA Board Chair Dwight Duncan says after meeting with Minister Sohi and community leaders in Windsor, Duncan remains adamant the span will be built.

He says purchasing the Delray area land on the US side will ease the process going forward.

"Part of the challenge is that we want to make sure that we hand to the proponent a clean site, because that will help us manage costs down the road," says Duncan. "You give them a site where you don't have all the properties it will involve huge change orders down the road if you don't have them."


Dwight Duncan (AM800 file photo)


Work is to be underway before the end of this calendar year and the contract will lay out the price and completion date. He very much doubts the Ambassador Bridge replacement will be completed before the Gordie Howe project.

"The Marouns won't be able to cut a ribbon anytime soon, not even close to us. Why would you believe them?" asks Duncan. "Seriously, I mean they say they'll have it built by 2020.  I bet you a dollar they don't."

The timeline to starting work on the bridge is now clear, with the successful proponent being selected in June and a final contract to be signed in September.