Cost Of Water Going Up In Amherstburg

Water bills are rising in Amherstburg.

A budget report at town council this week indicated the cost of water will go up 2% and the cost of waste water will go up 1%  beginning August 1.

Director of Corporate Services Justin Rousseau says it's a small increase, but it's part of a bigger plan.

While most people don't like to see prices go up, he says the increase won't be a huge burden on taxpayers.

"Our annual average billing for most folks is around $450 a year, this increase will make it go up to $456. On the waste water end $772 a year, this will go up to $775," says Rousseau.  "We're talking about a $9 increase per household."

The increase is part of planning for the future to avoid financing major projects says Rousseau.

"Steps we're taking to ensure that we have a sustainable financial plan."

He says the biggest project in the next five to ten years is going to be replacing the Amherstburg Water Treatment Plant which will cost about $30-million.

The report also indicated water distribution equipment upgrades are projected to cost more than $450,000 and water distribution system upgrades and replacement could cost around $6.3-million from 2017 to 2026.