Council to Approve Dougall Ave/CN Rail Pedestrian Underpass

Windsor City Council will be asked to award the contract to design and build the Dougall Ave/CN Rail Pedestrian Underpass and multi-use trail.

Amico Infrastructures came in at $6.1-million.  

The total cost of the project which includes re-construction of the Dougall Ave and Ouellette Place intersection, consulting and miscellaneous is about $8.9-million.

The underpass will be a tunnel under the CN tracks along Dougall, between EC Row and Ouellette Place, which will include a bike path and there will be intersection improvements at the Ouellette Place and Dougall intersection.

Windsor Engineer Mark Winterton calls it a transformative project.

"We are going to finally get this project done," he says.  "This is something that has taken, let's call it 100 years to get in place, since that bridge was built."

Winterton says it is a complicated project and requires significant co-ordination but it is long overdue.

"It is something that we are very excited about and it is really going to connect both south Windsor and downtown through cycling and pedestrians. It is one of our major bottlenecks in our bicycle system and this will help to solve that."

Winterton expects once the contract is approved, the majority of the work will be done in 2019.

There will be some traffic disruptions during construction but he doesn't anticipate full closure of Dougall Ave.

The project will be funded from federal gas tax and Pay-As-You-Go.

The Request for Proposals for the project was issued on November 23, 2018 and closed on February 7, 2019.

Two proposals were received and evaluated.