Council Waits For Traffic Study Before Final Approval Of Walkerville Crosswalk

A new signalized pedestrian crosswalk in old Walkerville is going to have to wait a bit longer before final approval.

City Council has voted to conduct an updated traffic study at the intersection at Wyandotte St. East and Chilver Rd. to ensure it meets the requirements.

Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt first raised the issue in December 2015 and wanted the approval in order to spend his current ward funds.

Holt says he just wants to see it done.

"I don't have the patients for this thing anymore, I just want a crosswalk and I want the safe pedestrian crossing at Wyandotte. Obviously I thought I had the votes here."

He says he wants to spend his ward funds on this project.

"Under the Municipal Act, there is a dead stop that I could spend my ward funds and that is April 21. So if I don't spend my ward funds or allocate my ward funds by April 21, I can't use them the rest of my term."


Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Holt says the new study should justify the project.

"Council actually did approve the crosswalk as long as it meets the new warrant requirements. So if that is the case, my funds have been allocated prior to the April 21 deadline."

Holt hopes the figures will come back this summer to justify the project to be installed later this year.

The crosswalk costs about $69,000.

— with files from AM800's Ricardo Veneza