Councillor Calling For A Four-Way Stop At A Busy Cottam Intersection

A Kingsville councillor is hoping to get a four-way stop at a busy intersection in Cottam.

Thomas Neufeld has started an online petition and is calling for a four-way stop at County Road 34 and County Road 27.

He says it's a county intersection and county council will have to make the final decision but he's hoping Kingsville council supports his motion this coming Monday.

"This intersection has been on the radar by local Cottam residents for a long time as well as council," says Neufeld.  "Hopefully with enough support through this petition, the county council will look at it a little bit more carefully."   

Neufeld says his priority is public safety.

"There's been numerous close calls and just speaking with locals they feel this intersection is problematic," says Neufeld.  There's site lines that are obscured because of the buildings and basically just to slow everybody down."     

Neufeld says the intersection was discussed at county council about eight years ago and at that time a four-way stop was rejected.