Councillor Francis Wants More Details On Fluoride Debate

Expect more debate on the fluoride issue at Windsor City Council.

Ward 1 Councillor Fred Francis put forth a motion calling for a comprehensive report from administration on re-introducing fluoride to the city's drinking water, a motion passed by council.

Five years ago, Windsor city council voted to remove fluoride from the drinking water which also affected water in Tecumseh and LaSalle.

Francis says he wants and needs more information before making a decision one way or the other. "I would feel more comfortable making that decision with everything in front of us with respect to legal, finance and any changes that happened in five years," says Francis. "With all due respect to my council colleagues, some of them that were around the table five years ago that took part in that debate, I didn't."

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit recently reported a five-year-decline in oral health since de-fluoridation.

Francis says he wants more details from city administration on the implications of potentially bringing back fluoride. "Usually when councils gets reports, we get fully comprehensive reports vetted through administration. So we usually get a summary, we get context, we get legal, we get risk, we get midigation factors, we get financial implications. We didn't get that, all we had in front of us was the health unit report," he says.

Francis also points out with a provincial election next month, the stance may change because oral health is a health issue.  Francis says if oral health is so important, it should be mandated province-wide.