Councillor Pleased With Sandwich St. Roundabout

Ward Two city councillor John Elliott says so far so good for the Sandwich St. roundabout.

He says he hasn't received any complaints from the public about the roundabout since it opened in late November.

Elliott believes motorists are getting more comfortable with it.

"I haven't got any calls or emails or anything," says Elliott.  "Everybody seems like they're navigating it pretty good. I go there pretty frequent so I think it's working out great.  A lot safer I know that for sure."

He says construction is expected to resume in the spring.

"There's some more cosmetic to go on where the bike trail is going to connect to the Riverside," says Elliott.  "Some of the sidewalks stuff, some of the cosmetic stuff and the statue I understand in the spring time.  They'll be ready to put it up."     

He says some cosmetic work still needs to be done.

"I like to see it when it's totally done," says Elliott.  "If you look to the sides, it looks a little bit rough right because it's not completed but the fast track was to get the road open because a lot of congestion up there.  But yeah it's good, no accidents knock on wood."  

Work on the roundabout began in June and was suppose to be done Labour Day weekend but was pushed to the end of November after an archaeological dig discovered several artifacts from a former Indiginous settlement.