Councillor Says Heavy Trucks Are 'Destroying Roads' In Essex

The town of Essex is looking to keep heavy trucks in check.

Ward 3 Councillor Larry Snively brought a motion to Monday night's council meeting aimed at limiting trucks to half-loads on roads that can't support the weight

He says Concession Rd. 4 between Arner Townline and McCormick Side Road has been destroyed by trucks hauling tonnes of fill to a resident’s home.

"I have residents who live on these roads, and especially on the fourth [Concession Rd. 4], where I have a resident sitting there in a van who counted over 200-trucks in one day going down that road," says Snively.

Snively doesn't want to see what's happened on Concession Rd. 4 continue anywhere in town.

"If this was the Third Concession, that we just did last year and this year, that road would have been destroyed," he says. "This is a road here that is now completely destroyed and it's going to cost us $130,000 to $150,000 per/km to repair it."

He tells AM800 News the hope is to get the Ministry of Transportation to enforce a new by-law — a few big fines might keep truck-drivers in-line.

"I'm trying to bring in some bylaw that they have to come down there with half-loads," says Snively. "I don't know how much teeth I can put on it, but we're not getting cooperation from the MTO. They have been notified of this situation, and they're not down there patrolling."

Council also brought forward the possibility of adding a surety to building permits as another form of enforcement. Money would only be returned if the town deems roadways have not been damaged by a project.

A report will be brought to council in the coming weeks.