County Rd. 42 Bridge Rehabilitation Project Delayed

Road work on County Road 42 has been delayed, but it will still cause some headaches for at least three months this summer.

Motorists who travel across the Puce River Bridge will have to change their route come July. Essex County Council approved the $800,000 rehabilitation project that was supposed to begin this month, but Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain says that start date has been pushed back.

Bain tells AM800 News, aside from maintaining the safety of the bridge; a new Regional Acute Care Centre will increase traffic on an already busy road.

"County Rd. 42 is going to be a much busier road, there's going to be expansion a long it, especially with the new hospital coming in. That's a big factor," he says. "You're going to have a lot of increased traffic and it's really all part of the big picture in making sure that bridges are safe and they're going to be there to accommodate this increased traffic."

The long-term gains have to be weighed against the short-term pain for commuters looking to avoid County Rd. 22, according to Bain.

"Now they're options are going to be back to County Rd. 22 or to head further south and go over to County Rd. 46. It's certainly going to cause some inconvenience but we'll try to get the work done as quickly as possible," says Bain.

Bain says plenty of notice will be given to motorists and detour routes will be posted on the roadside and on the county's website.