County Wants Tax Reform Reconsidered

The County of Essex is pushing for the federal government to re-think its planned tax reform.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara brought forward the motion to send off a letter to the finance minister and the Prime Ministers Office.

McNamara feels the changes will hit small businesses hard.

The government is arguing its proposed changes will close tax loopholes used by high earners shuffling money through small businesses.

McNamara agrees tax fairness is important, but doesn't like what the Liberals are planning. He says small businesses are a key part of the economy and any tax plan affecting them needs to be carefully laid out.

"It plays a huge role in the economy, there's no question, and it employs a lot of people — Oldcastle there's 5,500 people working there — most of those businesses are family owned businesses that have been passed down," says McNamara.


Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara attends the regular meeting of council for the County of Essex on October 4, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

He's happy his county colleagues backed his resolution.

McNamara is happy to see Finance Minister Bill Morneau admit some changes will need to be made.

"Compared to other governments, other governments would just introduce legislation and worry about it after the fact. I've got to give them credit where credit is due."

The Liberal government completed a 75-day consultation period on the legislation on Monday.

As earlier reported by AM800 News, the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has called the proposed tax reforms "ambush politics" and is particularly concerned about the impacts the changes could have on farmers.