County Warden Tom Bain Says Minister Of Transportation Receptive To Hwy. 3 Expansion

Essex County Warden Tom Bain says the Minister of Transportation is receptive to safety concerns on Hwy. 3.

Bain was promised a meeting with the minister at Premiere Kathleen Wynne's recent town hall after he pointed out issues with the Hwy. 3 by-pass between Essex and Leamington, saying it's a, "dangerous situation."

Bain travelled to Toronto last week with Essex Mayor Ron McDermott, Essex County CAO Robert Maisonville, and the county's head engineer.

"We were able to meet with the minister later in the evening where I was able to have a one on one with the minister and reiterate what a dangerous situation it is and that there are a lot of lives at stake," he says.

"Unfortunately a lot of times those stats drag about a year behind," says Bain. "We were able to bring updated stats within the last month showing that there is an increase in accidents and a decrease in the area from Windsor to Essex where there's four-lanes."

Moving forward Bain says the county will be gathering more data to support the expansion of Hwy. 3 at the minister's request.

"She wanted some stats on future numbers, especially in light of an increase in trucks that are now carrying fruits and vegetables across the border and people [drivers]," he says. "We're working on those stats and we'll send them to her."

Bain wouldn't go into further detail on timelines, but he says things are looking good based on last week's discussion.