Coyote Attacks Small Dog In LaSalle

LaSalle police have issued a reminder for pet owners to keep an eye on their pets when they are outside.

It follows an attack by a coyote on a small dog on Reaume Rd. earlier this week.

The pet owner went to the police station to report that her dog had been attacked by the animal while in the side yard.

Executive Director of the Windsor-Essex Humane Society Melanie Coulter says coyotes tend to go after dogs which are rabbit size.

"They travel through urban areas, and they can be a bit lazy like a lot of animals," she says.  "If they see what they consider an easy meal, they may decide to go after it although the reality is that domestic animals are not the main part of a coyote's diet."

She points out the key is to make sure you, your dog and your area is not appealing.

"They may be curious if you have a small dog that is rabbit size so the key thing is to not tempt them to come near you, so wave your arms around, yell at them."

Coulter says if you see a coyote nearby, people are advised to pick up the dog as they don't tend to attack people.

She adds coyotes are part of our natural ecosystem so they are more in urban areas than they used to be.