Coyote Sighting Outside Windsor Hospital


Officials at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare in Windsor are reassuring staff and visitors that there's nothing out of the ordinary.

The message comes after a coyote was spotted at the hospital's Prince Rd. campus.

The sighting took place Wednesday morning but hospital officials didn't become aware of it until late Thursday.

A message posted on Facebook reminds staff that the campus is near a wooded area and animals like coyotes may sometimes be seen.

The posting also recommends that any sighting should be reported to hospital security.



Coyotes have been an issue this summer across Windsor-Essex.

One was spotted in Malden Park in July.

There have also been two attacks on dogs in LaSalle, including one fatal attack.

The town is now taking steps to address the issue and a meeting will be held with residents this fall to provide information on how to co-exist with the coyotes.