CRA Workers in Windsor Rally for Better Wages

Federal government workers in Windsor took part in a lunch hour rally Tuesday demanding better wages.

The 300 workers with the Canada Revenue Agency, members with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, have been without a contract since November 2017.

Their bargaining team is currently in mediation with the government and the union claims the offers on the table are lousy.

"I was with one of the bargaining teams last week and the disrespect at the table was unbelievable," said union Regional Executive Vice-President for Ontario Sharon DeSousa.  "They said they had an offer, I tell you that offer was crap. I wouldn't serve that to my lowest enemy."

The union hopes both sides can reach a collective agreement before the federal election, preferably by June. 


Federal workers at 441 University Ave. West stage a rally during the lunch hour. May 7, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

PSAC National President Chris Aylward attended the rally at 441 University Ave. West and says workers deserve better.

"We need to stand up and we need to take a position and say we are not going to continue to fall further behind and further behind by accepting what's less than the cost of living."

The union claims the government is offering 1%, but the union says it won't accept anything less than the cost of living which is 2.2%

No strike date has been set.

The lunch hour rallies are taking place across the country.