Crack Down On Illegal Parking And Stopping At Schools

City of Windsor parking enforcement officers are out in force Tuesday for back-to-school.

The officers are out reminding parents about the rules for parking, dropping off or picking up their kids from school.

Warnings will be issued but tickets could also be handed out to those who do not use the designated drop-off sites or parking in no-parking zones.

Parking Compliance and Enforcement Supervisor, Bill Kralovensky says they try to give drivers a warning and a little bit of education on the first couple of days.

"Unless there is some blatant person out there that just won't listen to the rules or gives the officers there a hard time, then we are going to lay a ticket on that day," says Kralovensky.

Over the past couple of years, the city has been cracking down on illegal parking and stopping around schools. He says they are making some slow progress. 

"When we're there, everything runs smooth," says Kralovensky. "Then if we go back the next day and hide in the bushes and take a look, it's right back to chaos."

The fine for stopping or parking in a no-stopping zone is $30 to $40.