Crews Still Working On Poisonous Leamington Well

There's still no timeline for the repair of an abandoned poisonous well in Leamington that's forced a couple of residents out of their homes.

Ministry crews are working on repairing the old well in the 200-block of Robson Road which would have been used for heating at the turn of the century.

Leamington Fire Chief, Chuck Parsons, says progress has been slower than expected.

However, he says safety is the key concern.

"They feel they're making some good advancement on it right now, but we're still getting high levels of hydrogen-sulfide and other gases coming out that makes it difficult for the people to work on it."

Parsons says the extended work on the well is costing a bit of money, but doesn't have the total yet.

"It is fairly costly, but I think we err on the side of caution with public safety. We want to make sure everybody is safe down in that area and none of this gas migrates off of the site itself."

He says residents in the two evacuated homes aren't being permitted to return just yet as crews monitor the well 24-7.

"There may be some foul order coming out of there, but there's no levels that are dangerous to the public. It's just dissipating into the atmosphere."

A release from the municipality says the air quality levels have never been hazardous to the public.

The localized state of emergency remains in effect as a precaution.