Crime Stats Up in Windsor Downtown Core

Crime is up in the downtown core.

Windsor police released updated stats on Wednesday in response to a story first shared by AM800 News about the concerns of downtown business people who have started an early morning patrol in an effort to reduce crime.

Chief Al Frederick says motor vehicles thefts are up a monthly average of 15 percent in 2018 (Jan to Aug) compared to 2013 to 2017.

The chief did point out there is a nine percent drop from (Jan. to Aug.) 2017 to 2018.

He says calls for service are also up a monthly average of 11.5 percent in 2018 (Jan to Aug) compared to 2013 to 2017.

Frederick says staffing levels are increased during peak times.

"We have dedicated resources every day to the downtown area far more than in the past but it's not enough," says Frederick.  "The community is changing in real time but it's changed dramatically over the last two years."

Frederick says the community needs to work together.

"It's going to take initiatives and re-addressing problems," says Frederick.  "So to think that anybody has a simple solution and we're going to throw more resources or less resources and more technology, it's going to be a combination of all of that."

Frederick says police continue to work with its partners and downtown businesses.

"We are absolutely committed to supporting community members that are active in the safety of their own communities," says Frederick.  "Do I suggest that people go out on foot patrol for that purpose absolutely not."      

The monthly average for property crime is up 19 percent in 2018 compared to stats from 2013 to 2017.

The area the chief addressed is bound by Riverside Drive to Erie Street and Crawford Avenue to Marentette.

Here is a closer look at the stats shared by Police Chief Al Frederick on Wednesday. 

Theft from Motor Vehicles

2013-2017 Monthly Average – 20 occurrences

2018 Monthly Average – 23.4 occurrences (increase 15%)

Stats also show a decrease from 2017 (205 in 2017 to 187 in 2018)

Calls for Service Downtown  

2013-2017 Monthly Average – 2159.5

2018 Monthly Average – 2407.9 – increase of 11.5%

Property Crime Jan-Aug

2013-2017 Monthly Average – 118.4 occurrences

2018 Monthly Average – 140.8 occurrences – increase of 18.92%

Total reported property crimes January to August 2018 – 1126

Total reported property crimes January to August 2017 – 1095

City council is also spending $1.4-million to have 12 new officers patrol the downtown core.