Crime Stoppers Raising Awareness In The Downtown Core

Windsor and Essex County Crime Stoppers is looking to raise awareness through a downtown campaign.

The organization teamed up with the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association today for Crime Stoppers Day.

They went door to door speaking with businesses, asking them to show support for Crime Stoppers through display signs.  

Police coordinator Amanda Allen says businesses have been very responsive.

"We've been pounding the pavement all day and going to our 300 partners in the city of Windsor asking them to just display support for Crime Stoppers," says Allen.

Fellow police coordinator Kristina Gilboe says the businesses are looking for ways to reduce petty crime.

"Everybody has been very responsive to our resource material," says Gilboe. "They show great interest in our program and want to work together with us to promote the program."

According to Gilboe, often times many of the businesses are already ready to deal with would-be criminals.

"I've noticed in my canvassing today that a lot of business do have video surveillance camera," says Gilboe. "They've talked about having good lighting, outside, the front and back of their stores which is great to see."

Crime Stoppers hopes to work with other BIA's in both the city and county.