Customers Ready To Play Again At Caesars Windsor

The slot machines are ringing again at Caesars Windsor.

After sitting empty for more than two months, the doors to the casino re-opened at 11 Thursday morning following the 60 day labour dispute.

Tim Woodworth is a customer from Bad Axe, Michigan.

He says he kept a close eye on the strike and plans on staying for the entire weekend at Caesars.

"I can't say it didn't concern me but nothing I can do about it," says Woodworth.  "So I accept it for what it is, they were on strike I don't know what the issues were, they resolved so I'm back.


AM800 file photo

Girard Owens is from Brooklyn, New York and was one of the first customers to walk through the doors and says he loves Windsor's casino.

"Come on it's beautiful," says Owens.  "It dominates the landscape.  When you're in Detroit you look at it, you see the Canadian flag and it's really beautiful.

 As the doors opened, casino staff were still doing some work outside of the building.

Power washing along with grass cutting were being done.


— with files from AM800's Rusty Thomson