Data Walk to Help Windsor-Essex

ProsperUs continues to gather input on data from residents from across Windsor-Essex.

The organization hosted one of several Data Walks at the WFCU Centre and around 20 community stake-holders made their way out Thursday night.

A three-hour guided-tour through stations in an interactive group setting shows data on the state of Windsor-Essex when it comes to, childhood poverty, cost of living, early development and education.

Co-Chair Jim Inglis tells AM800 News it's all about seeing how the private and public sector can work together. He says it's too soon to point to some concrete goals, but some of the same subjects keep coming up in discussion.

"In housing, some of the expenses that take place for kids, how do we solve for some of those issues beyond what already exists," he says.

Inglis says it's about enhancing what's already there.

"Children in a certain community that could benefit from an after school program or a program that might be linked to a meal program," says Inglis. "An opportunity in a marketplace where maybe there's a certain service that's not available, but if it was available it could make a difference and have an impact on people's lives."

There are five more Data Walks being held throughout Windsor-Essex. 

Visit to learn how to register for the next event.