Date Set to Hear Appeal Over Mega-Hospital Location


Dates have now been set to hear arguments over the proposed location of a new regional acute care hospital for Windsor-Essex.

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal — which rules on financial, land, and municipal planning matters — has set aside three days this fall to hear both sides of the case.

The Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Planning Process is against the proposed location at County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession.

The group argues the site will reduce access to services for Windsor's most vulnerable residents and cause them to leave the downtown core to be closer to the new hospital.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO, David Musyj says emergency services will remain at the outdated Ouellette Campus when the new hospital — that's funded evenly between the city and Essex County — is completed.

Musyj is pleased dates have now been set for the hearing, saying the sooner it comes to a conclusion, the better.

"In the sense of bringing some finality to the appeals and bringing them forward. Those who launched the appeal will have their quote 'day in court' and it's going to be up to the tribunal to make a decision," he says.

Musyj also looks forward to getting a clear directive to move forward with the planning process.

"Delay is in effect a decision because there's no finality, then we can't move ahead with that land in question for the hospital," he says. "This will bring it to a head."

With around $9-million in development cash for the next planning phase in limbo, Musyj hopes the tribunal sends a message the region is ready to get the project done.

"What we need to do is keep moving forward. I'm hopeful, very confident, that with this LPAT hearing and the ultimate decision we can move this project forward and it will help in our discussions with the ministry and the government," added Musyj.

The LPAT hearing will be held October 8 to the 10 at Windsor City Hall.