Day Two of Windsor Championship Wraps Up


It was a sweltering day for golf at the Windsor Championship Friday but that didn't bother Grady Brame.

The 26-year-old doesn't believe the heat is affecting his play at the stop on the PGA Canada's Mackenzie Tour.

"The heat is one thing but I grew up in Louisiana so this is just a typical summer day for me but the greens are really drying out and with some of the pin locations that they have, it can get tough, it can tuck those pins and get them in the spots where it's really hard to get close to," says Brame.

He says it was an up and down day on the course.

"I really struggled with the ball striking today, drove it pretty awful and the putter just came through all day long, hit so many good puts and made a lot of really good par save," says Brame.

When it comes to the course, Brame says its firm and fast.

"The par 3's on the back nine are brutal especially today they put the tees all back and pin locations were tough and there's a couple of tight tee shots but other than that it's pretty get able and the par 3's, if you make pars on those you're gaining shots on the field," he says.

Brame is tied for 7th and shot a 3-under on Friday and is 10-under for the tournament.

Eric McCardle is the lone leader at the tournament, shooting a 6-under, putting him 13-under for the tournament.

Luc Warnock of  McGregor and Thomas DeMarco of LaSalle were both cut. Warnock was +13 for two rounds and DeMarco was 3-under.

The Windsor Championship wraps up on Sunday at Ambassador Golf Club.