Deep Freeze Setting In For The Next While

Set in for a weekend of cold temperatures.

Environment Canada continues to issue their extreme cold weather warning.

Meteorologist Rosemary Tabory says you won't see any relief from the double digit lows until Monday morning.

"We're expecting it to be cold again tomorrow morning, the low wind chills sort of in the -30 C area. Tomorrow during the afternoon, a little better, -16C is the high," she says. "It'll start ease off tomorrow night, but still be cold Sunday morning, but by Monday morning temperatures will start to moderate."

Tabory says this blast of winter weather over much of southwestern Ontario is the same storm system that is hammering Atlantic Canada.

"We're getting the backwash from that system and it's pulling the air from the arctic straight over us."

In the US east coast, the storm is blamed for as much as 45cm of snow and a coastal storm surge from the Carolinas to Maine.