Deputy Mayor Of LaSalle Wants The Mayor's Job

The Deputy Mayor of LaSalle wants to move up to the top job.

Marc Bondy has filed his nomination papers for the upcoming October municipal election and plans to run for the mayor's seat.

He says his decision was made after current mayor Ken Antaya announced he would not seek re-election. "I would never have run against Ken," says Bondy.  "He's a great mayor, still is got seven months to go.  I would never even entertained running against him.  I think he's done a great job and is still doing a great job."

Bondy has only been on council for only one term but says he really enjoys it. "We've had a very well, organized functioning council, no in-fighting, everybody gets along," says Bondy.  "We don't always vote the same way but once the decision is made, the majority we just roll with whatever that decision is."

As for his plan for the town, Bondy says his campaign will include some tweaks but he plans to stay the course. "We're looking at it, I think, in a strategic way. Let's spend some money to save some money over the long term," says Bondy.  "So there's nothing new and fantastic pie in the sky things I'll bring.  I think it will be more being steady, raise taxes if we have to and provide the services the ratepayers want."