Despite Mega Hospital Funding, Fight Continues For CAMPP  

The Citizens for An Accountable Mega-Hospital Process plan to continue its fight against against the proposed location of the mega hospital.

CAMPP spokesperson Philippa Von Ziegenweidt says she is pleased the province has earmarked the funding for the hospital and feels it will now allow the public to speak out against the serious shortcomings of the proposed location.

She says now the the funding is earmarked, she wants the public to voice concerns.

"What I'm actually very happy about is that they're signalling their commitments to funding infrastructure investments in Windsor-Essex because people have been very worried about the project," says Von Ziegenweidt.  "A lot of people have been fearful that if they speak out, speak the truth how they really feel about it that the funding might go away."

She says the funding does not mean the approval of the proposed site for the hospital and many in the community remain worried about the project.

"From what I can see, all that they have done right now is earmarked the funding to go onto the next phase and that would be a more functional planning process where we can look at the details of what's right for the community," says Von Ziegenweidt.

The proposed site for the mega hospital is at County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession near the Windsor Airport.