Dilkens Concerned With Windsor Pride Accommodation

Windsor's mayor is concerned council has approved paying the moving costs for Windsor Pride from their current Pelissier St. location.

When the city decided to remove the commercial retail space from the Pelissier St. Parking Garage, Windsor Pride was notified they would need to vacate their offices. Council not only agreed to the moving expenses to another location, but also the cost of any renovations needed to make the new space work for the non-profit organization.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says it is a dangerous precedent to set as a landlord.

"I think that's a slippery slope and I certainly respect the work Pride does in the community I appreciate they're a non-profit organization, but the tax payers ought not to be subsidizing moving costs for a tenant they have and it's precisely the reason we shouldn't be in this business," says Dilkens.

He adds the city has already been more than accommodating.

"We were obligated to give 30 days notice, we gave six months notice and we did that in good faith," says Dilkens. "There's a lot of volunteers that could have stepped forward and helped move but at the end of the day council opted to provide money to help one of the tenants."

Dilkens says the final bill will still need to be approved by council. He adds he's not aware of any lease agreement that includes this kind of provision.