Dilkens Not Surprised By Unifor's Endorsement For Mayor Of Windsor

Unifor Local 444's endorsement of Matt Marchand for mayor, comes as no surprise to current Mayor Drew Dilkens.

The union's local executive committee is backing the former chamber of commerce president's bid to run for the city's top job.

Dilkens says this is about putting special interests ahead of the need of Windsorites. "It is no surprise for me to see labour endorsing and rally around him, despite the fact that he hasn't even put out a platform yet" says Dilkens.

Unifor Local 444 President David Cassidy says the decision to support Marchand comes from his previous work.

Dilkens says the endorsement doesn't bother him. "Labour is rallying big time behind my competitor and I'm running a grassroots campaign," says Dilkens. "I'm running a grassroots campaign for Windsorites, and my interest is only in Windsorites and so the only endorsement I'm looking for is the endorsement of Windsorites."

Dilkens says even when it came to outsourcing caretakers at the Huron Lodge long-term care facility in January 2017, full-time workers did not lose their jobs and it resulted in annual savings of more than $500,000 a year.

Ernie Lamont, Tom Hensel and Frank Dyck are also running for the mayor's chair in Windsor.