Dilkens Touting Regional Organic Waste Facility For Southwestern Ontario

Don't expect Windsor to follow in Montreal's footsteps when it comes to banning plastic bags.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says next up for this region, would be organic recycling.

He expects at some point in the future, the province will make it mandatory for cities to recycle organic waste which he admits is a costly endeavor.

Dilkens would like to explore the idea of having a regional facility for organic recycling with Chatham-Kent or London instead of each municipality having to build a facility.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, Dilkens says the ball is already rolling on the idea.

He says "I want the City of Windsor to be a leader when it comes to organic recycling, we are working on a plan with respect to how we can do that."

Dilkens adds, "It would be worth it to explore a regional facility in southwestern Ontario. What I'm looking at is organic recycling but how do we take a leadership role because these are very expensive facilities to establish, how can we take the leadership role, have a facility that can also process not just the waste from the city of Windsor, but perhaps our neighbouring municipalities that would not be obligated."

Dilkens says once organic recycling is in place, then perhaps, weekly recycling could be explored and bi-weekly garbage pick-up.

Montreal is the first major Canadian city to ban most lightweight plastic bags.