Dilkens Unveils Election Campaign Public Safety Platform

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens has unveiled his Public Safety Platform as his first re-election event.

Standing in front of police headquarters downtown, he laid out what he sees as ways to enhance safety in the city.


Campaign poster for Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens' re-election, September 13, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

It includes the installation of 100 digital cameras accessible to police, upgrading the 9-1-1 system to a new digital platform and implementing a Pharmacy Safety Initiative.

Dilkens says a key element will be adding to the affordable housing stock and reducing the opioid problem in the city.

The platform also includes increasing the number of Windsor police officers and improve the Drugs and Guns unit

Dilkens wants to see a community outreach patrol of social and community agencies.

He says the upgrade to the new digital 9-1-1 system would improve policing significantly.

"It would allow police and dispatch a very seamless way to access video, text messages.  It would give them real time information to be able to respond to the calls they're responding to and it takes us to the next level.  It's file transfers, its a whole bunch of things"

Dilkens says he would also like to implement a digital Neighborhood Watch where existing cameras in residential areas would be available to police.

"Send out a request to all the cameras that are on the network in that particular geo-targetted area, ask for video footage of the, say it's Wednesday between two and three pm they're looking for. The person who has the camera would get the request, they would have the ability to say yes or no.  If they say yes the video feed automatically gets uploaded to the police networks"

The digital Neighborhood Watch would come at no cost because the apps and technology are already in place.

The total cost of all the initiatives would be $4-million.