Dilkens Wins Re-Election in Windsor

A vote of confidence for Drew Dilkens after beening re-elected as Mayor of Windsor, defeating former Windsor and Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce President Matt Marchand

After defeating Marchand by more than 12,000 votes in Monday's Municipal Election, Dilkens is glad voters heard his message of moving the city forward. 

"I'm just delighted that people in our city recognized that I've have worked hard, that council has worked hard over the last four years," says Dilkens. " We were able to deliver, we were able to move the city forward, and there's more to do."

Marchand admits it's not the outcome his team wanted, but he's happy with the campaign.

"We congratulate the Dilkens campaign for a job well done and again, it's our responsibility to get behind the mayor and members of city council and their new agenda," added Marchand, who says it's time to come together to help improve Windsor.

Even in defeat, Marchand feels his campaign will have a positive impact in the city. 

"We put a lot of important issues on the community in terms of the auditor general, community liveability, the downtown which is our flagship policy program and that had a lot of traction in the community," says Marchand.

Dilkens tells AM800 News his priorities for the new council term will be to continue record investments to improve roads and sewers in the city while working with community leaders to solve the homelessness, opioid and crime issues downtown. 

There will be four new faces on Windsor city council -- Fabio Constante defeated John Elliott in Ward 2, Gary Kaschak replaces the outgoing Bill Marra in Ward 8, Kieran McKenzie beat Hilary Payne in Ward 9 and Jim Morrison upset Paul Borrelli in Ward 10 by 250 votes. 

Fred Francis, Rino Bortolin, Chris Holt, Ed Sleiman, Jo-Anne Gignac and Irek Kusmierczyk were all re-elected. 

Dilkens tells AM800 News it's time for the new council to work together. 

"I know it's popular for some to try and point out that there was this big divide on council and six-to-four no more, I've read all these things and it's frankly nonsense," says Dilkens. "At the end of the day, you should not be running to be a councillor in the city of Windsor if your sole-goal is to object to everything the mayor brings forward. It would be a disservice to your residents in your ward."

He doesn't expect any animosity after the election campaign. 

"The whole notion of campaigning, it's much different than the role of governing and there's a transition that has to be made," says Dilkens.
"The sooner the new councillors can make that transition, the better it will be for their constituents and our city as a whole."

As for Matt Marchand, he plans to take a break. 

"Matt is going to take a little bit of time off," admits Marchand. "It's been great, it's been a great experience and I wouldn't change it for the world, but I am going to take a little break now but I'm sure you will see me in the not-too-distant future."

Voter turnout continues to be an issue in Windsor with only 34.73% of eligible voters cast a ballot in this year's election.

That is lower than the voter turnout in 2014, which was 37.46%.



Drew Dilkens (incumbent) (RE-ELECTED) Votes: 31201
Matt Marchand Votes: 18626
Franz (Frank) Dyck Votes: 785
Tom Hensel Votes: 797
Ernie Lamont Votes: 1121


Matthew (Matt) Ford Votes: 428
Fred Francis (ELECTED) Votes: 3507
Krysta Glovasky-Ridsdale Votes: 248
Wiquar Husain Votes: 277
Darcie Renaud Votes: 2167


Fabio Costante (ELECTED) Votes: 2139
John Elliott Votes: 1623


Rino Bortolin ( ELECTED) Votes: 2710
Helmi Charif Votes: 690
Steve Palenkas Votes: 352


Janice Campbell Votes: 1138
Chris Holt (ELECTED) Votes: 4407


Adam Castle Votes: 391
Lillian B. Kruzsely Votes: 165
Joe Lucier Votes: 108
Ed Sleiman (ELECTED) Votes: 2294
Martin A. Utrosa Votes: 52
Joey Wright Votes: 1341


Jeff Denomme Votes:  2682
Jo-Anne Gignac  (ELECTED) Votes: 3709
Josh Jacquot Votes: 86
Terry Yaldo Votes: 902


Barbara Holland Votes: 658
Irek Kusmierczyk  (ELECTED) Votes: 4745
Angelo Marignani Votes: 982
Albert Saba Votes: 208


Giovanni (John) Abati Votes: 255
Gemma Grey-Hall Votes: 628
Patti Hayes Votes: 296
Gary Kaschak (ELECTED)  Votes: 932
Greg Lemay Votes: 574
Kathryn MacDonell Votes: 139
David Sundin Votes: 832
Lisa Valente Votes: 231


Alex Aggarwal Votes:  803
Kieran McKenzie  (ELECTED) Votes: 3178
Hilary Payne Votes: 985


Olivia Ashak Votes: 26
Paul Borrelli Votes: 1249
Wally Chafchak Votes: 16
Mohamed Chams Votes: 63
Mark Masanovich Votes:  942
Jim Morrison  (ELECTED) Votes: 1499
Michael Patterson Votes: 490
Sadiq Pirani Votes: 83