Diluted Chemotherapy Patients Looking For Legal Help

Windsor-Essex residents involved in a class action lawsuit over diluted chemotherapy drugs are looking for help.

Calling a proposed $1,500-per-patient settlement 'a slap in the face', they're looking for some legal advice.

Among those affected is Louise Martens who says they are looking for a lawyer. "Any lawyer who has had a family member or a friend impacted by cancer. Just give us some time. We need some legal advice and we're doing our very best to handle this with our own personal finances, but we do need outside sources."

Colleen Marentette is with the group and says it's about more than just money. "We want to see the changes made by the Ministry of Health. We want to see changes made by pharmaceutical companies. We want to see changes within the realm of practice of pharmacology and nursing, anything administrating medication."

A judge has yet to hand down a final decision in the case.

Between 2012 and 2013, 1,200 people in Ontario and New Brunswick, including 290 in Windsor-Essex, were given the watered down chemotherapy doses.