Distracted Driving Campaign Underway in Windsor

As we head into the Victoria Day long weekend, Windsor police are stepping up their distracted driving enforcement.

It's part of a province-wide campaign called "Distracted Driving Ruins Lives, Drive Safe 2019."

One message from the campaign is that drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near collision.

Sergeant Steve Betteridge says using a phone while driving is dangerous.

"This impairs your ability to operate. When you're distracted your attention is not on that roadway.  Lets all be serious and think about what it takes to operate a motor vehicle," he says.

Betteridge says all you need to do is remember your driving test.

"Every single one of us can think back to that day when we took that road test for our drivers' licence. And I can guarantee you, nobody brought their phone and had it out and were maybe texting while they were having that test," he says. "That would be absolutely ludicrous because, you know, you would fail automatically."

Research has shown four out of five crashes involve some form of distraction of the driver.