Distracted Driving OPP Campaign Launched With Lakeshore And Tecumseh

Provincial Police are partnering with the Towns of Lakeshore and Tecumseh on a distracted driving campaign.

Vehicle magnets, bumper stickers and other items are being produced of a locally created image.

Marissa Krall, a stiudent at Tecumseh Vista Academy came up with the "Pay Attention or Pay the Price" design.

The launch took place at the Tecumseh OPP detachment and included municipal vehicles form the 2 municipalities which will now bear the logo.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says the town's vehicles are all over the municipality to spread the message:  "number 1 is to create the awareness, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye.  A text message is not worth losing your life pover, or losing somebody elses life over"


Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain at launch of the Distracted Driving campaign (image by AM800's Peter Langille)

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain says the town feels it's important to be part of the campaign: "we are trying to set an example here with our employees that there isn't this looking at your phone or talking on your phone texting, anything like that  where you're giving 100% focus on the road"

OPP Constable Karen Sinneave says they're creating a wide variety of items so the message goes everywhere:  "we don't just have magnets, we have bumper stickers coming out to the general publicand handed out to our high school students.  We'll also have wristbands for different people in the comunity and our students and little stickers to go as oil change stickers in the corner to remind the drive themself"

On Wednesday provincial police and others will be at Tecumseh Vista Academy for a day-long demonstration of the dangers of distracted driving.